Salman Khan, enraged over Khanzadi, remarked in the Bigg Boss 17 NEW PROMO, “Leave the show, will Khanzadi be out of the house?”

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Bigg Boss 17 NEW PROMO: A big explosion will be seen in Bigg Boss 17 today. Today Salman Khan’s temper seems to be very high in Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman Khan is seen getting angry on Khanjadi. Full Hungama will be seen in today’s upcoming episode.

Bigg Boss 17 NEW
Bigg Boss 17 NEW


A recent teaser clip demonstrates how Khanzaadi became agitated when Jigna Vohra brought up her health concerns during a task. Khanzaadi said to Jigna, ” (Don’t joke about my health),” but Jigna would not listen. She was also annoying Salman, who remarked, “Khanzaadi, ho gaya bahut (that is enough).”

Khanzaadi grew agitated and said she didn’t want to know about her physical condition. Salman scolds her and says, “Physical health ke baare mein sirf tumne baatein ki hain (Only you have brought up physical health on the show).” Khanzaadi says she wants to go back home, and Salman asks, “Jaana hai ghar? Do you want to go back home? Proceed thereafter.


Khanzaadi appears to be the most eager Bigg Boss contestant to leave the house. Salman Khan chastised the singer, whose real name is Firoza Khan, once more during this Weekend Ka Vaar. She did, however, appear ready to leave the show this time. (Also read: Janhvi Kapoor asks, “Is the world ready?”

One of the most watched reality shows, Bigg Boss 17, is becoming more intriguing by the day. Fans of Saturday Weekend Ka Vaar witnessed the unexpected development when Salman Khan was spotted berating a few competitors for their actions. When Khanzaadi was seen yelling at the actor after he chastised her for constantly bringing up health problems, the show took an intriguing turn. Additionally, Jigna Vora was removed from the program.

Mothers of Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande

The mothers of Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande were featured in the program. The audience was introduced to them by Salman Khan. The makers had earlier released a promo in which we saw Ankita and Vicky getting emotional upon seeing them. The mother of Vicky Jain will be heard questioning

Awatramani Orry enters BB 17.

Orry Awatramani made an unexpected wild card entry to kick off the show. With his entrance, the long-running rumors finally came to an end. He arrived at the show in style. With his arrival, fans anticipate a fresh twist to the already intense Bigg Boss house environment.
Abhishek Singh and Sunny Leone arrived

IAS officer Abhishek Singh and actress Sunny Leone were invited by Salman Khan. Abhishek and Sunny arrived to promote their song, “Third Party.” Abhishek wrote the lyrics to this song. Salman then uses a practical joke to introduce Sunny Leone to “Sunny Tehelka.” Munavvar is then tasked by Sunny Leone with displaying Isha and Abhishek’s acting. Following this, each boy performed a dance in front of Sunny Leone, winning the actress over. After that, Abhishek and Sunny Leone assign the housemates a task. He queries each person in the house one by one about their incompatibility. Then, using three fingers, they will apply gulal to his or her face. During the task, there was also an altercation amongst the participants.

Salman Khan criticized the Khanzaadi

Khanzaadi was observed becoming agitated during the task after everyone had discussed her health issue. She insisted on not talking about it. Salman asks Khanzaadi why she said the thing if she didn’t want to discuss health. Khanzaadi declares that she must return home in the interim. She screams and begins to cry. Salman is then informed by Ankita that Khanzaadi has spent the last three years using a wheelchair. She was hurt when she fell. Even abuse was observed from Khanzaadi. Salman stated, “All this drama will not work with me,” once more. According to him, Khanzaadi entered the house because her psychiatrist had declared her to be in good health.






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