This contestant, who lost her 9-month-old daughter five months ago, won today and dedicated the trophy.

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2023 Winner: Albert Kabo Lepcha, who came from a town in West Bengal, has won the winner’s trophy. Although Albert has access to.The last act of the Saaregamapa show has begun. Among the contestants from across the nation who took part in this show, Albert was the recipient of the winning trophy. Your triumph and return.

“I am not able to express my happiness,” Albert says after taking home the Saregamapa trophy. I had a dream when I came to this show today.

Albert Lepcha
Albert Lepcha

Evelyn Kaboo Lepcha was the couple’s lovely daughter, but she passed away. Albert Kabo and his wife “Pooja Chetri” were proud parents. He finds inspiration and happiness in their daughter, and he frequently uses his music to show his appreciation and love for her. When his daughter was less than a year old, she needed medical attention and was admitted to a private hospital in Kolkata. He hasn’t posted a lot of family-related content on social media or the media in general. We update this page with new information as it becomes available on this subject.

Accomplishments and Notable Pieces:

Albert Kabo has accomplished a number of noteworthy goals in his career. During his audition, he sang and performed “Dil Ka Yeh Kya Raaz Hai.” From the Salman Khan film “Bodyguard,” the song “I Love You.” Judges Mere Soneya and “Kudha Fans all over the world have connected with his music, and his contributions to the music business are well acknowledged.

Albert Lepcha: The Musical Maestro

Albert Lepcha, a versatile and highly talented musician, has made significant contributions to the world of music with his soulful compositions and remarkable performances. Born in a small town, Lepcha’s passion for music bloomed at an early age, influenced by his surroundings and the rich cultural heritage of his homeland. His musical journey is a testament to dedication, talent, and an unwavering commitment to his craft.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Albert Lepcha’s musical journey traces back to his childhood, where he discovered his love for music. Raised in a culturally vibrant environment, he was exposed to various musical genres and instruments. His innate talent became evident as he learned to play instruments like the guitar, piano, and traditional folk instruments with remarkable ease.

Rise to Fame

Lepcha’s rise to fame wasn’t immediate, but his perseverance and passion for music propelled him forward. His unique style, blending traditional melodies with contemporary beats, caught the attention of music enthusiasts. With each performance, Lepcha mesmerized audiences with his soul-stirring compositions and powerful vocals, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Musical Influences and Signature Style

Throughout his career, Albert Lepcha drew inspiration from a myriad of musical influences, ranging from folk and classical to modern genres. His ability to seamlessly blend these diverse elements created a signature style that resonated deeply with listeners. His songs often encapsulate emotions, stories, and cultural nuances, reflecting his roots while embracing innovation.

Collaborations and Impact

Lepcha’s collaborations with various artists and musicians across different genres showcased his versatility and adaptability. His collaborations weren’t just about creating music; they were about forging connections, breaking barriers, and celebrating diversity through the universal language of music. These partnerships yielded unforgettable melodies that continue to captivate audiences globally.

Saregama: A Legacy of Musical Excellence

Saregama, formerly known as HMV, stands as one of India’s oldest music labels with a legacy spanning decades. Founded in the early 20th century, Saregama has played an integral role in shaping the Indian music industry and preserving cultural heritage through its vast collection of music.

Historical Significance

Saregama’s journey is intertwined with the evolution of Indian music. From its early days of producing gramophone records to embracing new technologies, the label has witnessed and contributed to the transformation of the music landscape. It holds an extensive archive of recordings, preserving the heritage of legendary artists and timeless melodies.

Contribution to Music Industry

Saregama’s contribution to the music industry extends beyond just being a record label. It has been a platform for nurturing talent, launching careers, and promoting various musical genres. The label’s commitment to quality and innovation has set benchmarks for the industry, earning it the trust and admiration of both artists and music aficionados.

Digital Transformation and Global Reach

In the digital age, Saregama adapted to changing trends and technological advancements. Its vast catalog of music became available on digital platforms, allowing a new generation of listeners to experience timeless classics. The label’s global reach expanded, reaching audiences across borders, introducing them to the richness of Indian music.


Albert Lepcha’s artistry and Saregama’s legacy stand as pillars in the world of music. Their journeys, though distinct, represent a shared passion for creativity, cultural expression, and the everlasting impact of melodies on our lives. As Albert Lepcha continues to enchant audiences with his music, Saregama remains a beacon of musical heritage, preserving the essence of timeless compositions for generations to come.

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